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Stolen Lyric

Oregon Country Flash x Everwoods Joli

Dolly is one of our most recent foals by Oregon Country Flash. She is tall with an interesting dark dappled palomino coat and a sweet and gentle personality.

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Stolen Melody

Oregon Country Flash x MLB Play It Again

Daisy is one of the most recent foals by Oregon Country Flash. This palomino filly is big and full of personality.

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Stolen Stardust

Faragamo GCH x Everwoods Joli

Stolen Stardust, "Nova", was foaled on May 2, 2020. She has been coat color tested as a true black and is growing to be a tall one.

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Stolen Rhapsody

Oregon Country Flash x CBMF Fandango

Stolen Rhapsody, "Freddie", was foaled on April 14, 2020. He has lots of chrome with perfectly symmetrical markings on his legs.

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Stolen Spotlight

Astronomicallee x Boxford Angelica

Named for the large star on his forehead that shines like a beacon in the night, Bravo already exhibits a future with a big trot.

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Stolen Perspective

SYP High Definition x Everwoods Joli

Foaled on April 27, 2019, he was named the 2020 unanimous World Champion Futurity In Hand Yearling Stallion at the 2020 Morgan Grand Nationals.

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Stolen Illusion

Oregon Country Flash x CBMF Fandango

Stolen Illusion, "Ripley" was foaled April 25, 2019 and has been coat color tested with a cream gene. He is a true smoky black and has silvery amber eyes.

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Stolen Affair

Oregon Country Flash x SSLLC A Royal Affair

Foaled on January 29th, 2019, Pippa is the first of our foals by Fabio, inheriting a splash gene giving her one blue eye and lots of chrome.

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Stolen Halo

Jake Ryan x Boxford Angelica

This 2018 filly is sweet as can be. If it were up to her she would lay on your lap all day.

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Stolen Resolution

SYP High Definition x Everwoods Joli

This young 2018 filly displays an intense curiosity and intelligence.

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Stolen Design

Faragamo GCH x Boxford Angelica

Foaled on April 7, 2017, Prada is inquisitive and skittish, loves neck scratches and has now started her show training.

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LRN Tiger Lily

Ingate's Eye of the Tiger x Call Me Alice

write about lily here

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Get Dreamin'

Get Busy x Minion Marquisse

This royally-bred 2016 mare is getting ready to begin her show career in earnest.

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Stolen Kiss

Faragamo GCH x Boxford Angelica

Foaled on March 18 2016, Santana grew up on the farm and was showered with attention.

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Stolen Rhythm

Faragamo GCH X Willowick Mafia Princess

Foaled March 16, 2016, Zeppelin is closing in on 16 hands tall. He possesses a smooth jog and fluid lope with an upright neck carriage.

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MLB Play it Again

Play The Odds x Glyndan Melodious Joy

This gorgeous 2015 mare is a full sister to multiple World Champion MLB Power Play. Barbie was shown sparingly as a junior horse, with much success.

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Stolen Valor

Faragamo GCH x Willowick Mafia Princess

Sarge has the best disposition, is super broke and always willing to please. He is now owned by Heidi Torres in California.

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El Greco

Platinum Diamond x Charlestown Jennifer Ann

Born on February 16, 2014, Sonic is a sweet palomino pony gelding who loves being scratched on the neck and trying new things.

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Faragamo GCH x Willowick Mafia princess

Mario is a beautiful 2014 bay gelding with the smoothest of gaits and a willing disposition to go along.

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Oregon Country Flash

RDK's Oregon Rising Son x Marvelous Ima Darling

Fabio is a 2013 palomino splash stallion with the most intense light blue eyes. He is conformationally correct with an unmistakable Morgan look.

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Heritage Hollow Rapture

Hylee's Graceson x Iron Forge Crown Jewel

Heritage Hollow Rapture, affectionately known as Dallas, was in training with Andy Marlett back in Minneapolis and came with him to Las Vegas for further training.

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CBMF Fandango

Ben's Rhapsody x AFF Little Liza Jane

Dani grew to 15.3 H in the Las Vegas sun and turned into a beautiful moving hunter, earning the title of Grand National Champion Four-Year-Old Hunter Mare in 2014.

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Everwoods Joli

Minion Millennium x Kane Creeks Southern Star

Everwoods Joli is a 15.3 hand, 2009 Minion Millennium daughter. She is big-bodied yet elegant with a poise that has earned her two national championship titles.

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Boxford Angelica

Nobility x Nemours Celestial Lady

This pretty brown mare came to us in 2013 from Kohler, WI to be shown in English Pleasure and Pleasure Driving.

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Wylie Fox GCH

Smoke Signal x FZM Lady Hamilton

Wylie Fox is so loved by his family, Joanne and Maggie Boyd. They have grown up in the show world together, and they've become quite the dream team.

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DLY Judgement Day

A Winter Day x JPO Antoinette

Purchased in 2013, DLY Judgement Day is a dynamic, yet gentle, English Pleasure horse.

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Willowick Mafia Princess

The Last Don x Cherrydale Chardonnay

This 2004, 15.3 hand bay mare has been devoted to Shaunicy since she was a mere 4 year old junior horse.

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Faragamo GCH

Mizrahi x Heaven Can Wait

Faragamo GCH is one of the winningest stallions of his generation. He has proven his versatility with 14 World and National Championship titles.

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